Chinese annual meeting: rehearsals overtime, red carpet competition, lucky draw group killed

Chinese-style annual meeting: rehearsal overtime, red carpet fights, lottery collective death

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As the saying goes, "Colleagues and colleagues, don't worry, after the annual meeting is the year." The annual meeting is coming, will the Spring Festival be far behind?

The annual meeting, which combines the excitement of traditional festivals with the workplace culture of modern enterprises, is a traditional and modern flower.

Although most company annual meetings are cliche, there is a ritual to the animals who have been busy for a year.

Today, let's see what's special about the annual meeting.

There is an overtime work called annual meeting overtime.

The annual program, usually the head of the department's face project.

However, it is impossible to occupy the program during the working hours.

As a result, every annual season, nine to nine in the company to rehearse shows, will become the norm for professionals, and even add weekends.

So, if one day, your boyfriend’s bag suddenly has more wigs, stockings and make-up; your girlfriend will only go home late at night, and don’t care about your suggestion.

Believe me, you are not being green, they are just actively preparing for the annual meeting.

Where to go, is the proposition of the annual meeting forever

The destination and grade of the annual meeting is a symbol of the company's financial resources.

Therefore, in addition to preparing for the administration of the annual meeting, the most exhausting annual meeting is counted as PR.

The company that goes to Japan and the United States to open its annual meeting will let 1.9 of its colleagues get a list of daigou that are taller than people, brush up their circle of friends, and envy their dead peers.

Companies that rent a gymnasium will have at least a full-page draft, plus five KOL implants. An annual meeting, enough PR colleagues to blow for three years.

The company that goes to domestic scenic spot to open annual meeting, also want to send a tweet on company WeChat public.

As for the vast majority of local companies looking for annual meetings at hotels or small ones at hotpot restaurants, keep a low profile.

Working people, deforming on the red carpet.

The first part of the annual meeting is generally a red carpet. This is the most ceremonial part of the annual meeting.

Men and women work hand-in-arm on the red carpet, enjoying the photographer's flash.

In order to walk the red carpet, some male employees will take out a yukyu suit that has been placed in the closet for a year and has accumulated a thick layer of gray.

Female employees, on the other hand, rarely wear heavy makeup and rent tuxedos.

Xiao Zhang, who posted the invoice from the Finance Department, turned into a beautiful Eva, and the male colleagues exclaimed, "How can I not know that the company has such beautiful women?"

The brick-moving intern Xiao Li turned into a handsome and handsome Jason, and the female colleagues secretly sipped the fresh meat for this piece of meat.

Women, more men and less companies, please go back to the end of the red carpet, get your second round of red carpet partners.

A performance at the annual meeting, singing the extra classes of the yea

In the sequence of annual conference programs, overtime is more fierce in the market/operations/products department, usually self-deprecating.

Self-mockery programs are often adapted from blood and tears stories of basic employees, such as:

Also like:

As a result of the practice of moving from the masses to the masses, such programs always win the best popularity of the annual meeting.

Complaining about hard work is also the performance of inviting credit to the boss, as long as the performance of the final style of painting, promote the workplace positive energy, the boss is sure to buy.

Where there is a sales department, there is a "grateful heart"

The annual meeting of the sales department, "Grateful Heart" is the first choice, and must be accompanied by sign language.

"I see this world bumpy hard," singing is a customer abuse thousands of times still like the first love of the heart.

"I still have how much love, I still have how many tears", as long as the customer has the budget, how many to have.

Finally, when they sang "Grateful heart, thank you," and of course thank you to the client's father.

The sales department, which keeps pace with the times, does not necessarily sing "the heart of gratitude", "tomorrow will be better" and "want to fly together with the sun." It is also their choice.

But you never want to hear a sales colleague with chicken blood perform feeling the body is hollowed out.

Boss: Annual meeting, see me 72 changes

The finale of the annual meeting, the bosses (they) usually go into battle personally.

Ma Yun, Ma Huateng frequently broke through the image of the annual meeting, other bosses have followed the trend to play cosplay. Wear a fancy costume, kill Matt wigs, smoke makeup, and sing and dance to Seaweed.

There are also bosses of the old school, who will contain tears, deep (running) love (tune) interpretation of a "nothing." This type of boss usually has nothing but money.

The boss's program is often the most enthusiastic, the most thunderous. After all, it is rare to be happy with the people.

The annual meeting without a lottery is no soul.

For ordinary employees who have neither programs nor leaders, raffle and dinner dishes are the only things that have to do with them this evening.

Most of the first prizes of listed companies are stocks.

But at the annual meeting of ordinary companies, the new iPhone is the most versatile first prize. Although everyone keeps saying that Huawei is the high-end crowd, most companies still choose Apple.

As the saying goes, the prizes for the first prize are similar, and the winners of the second to fifth prizes each have their own prizes.

Although the company is eager to get a first prize from top to bottom, most of the time, even portable battery, the general public, can't.

This also confirms the general state of the workplace: the excitement is theirs, I have nothing.

Every cup of wine at the annual meeting has a subtext.

Toasting at the annual meeting is a game of power, and various departments will be secretly involved.

The first one to take the team to the main table owner to toast, must be the most powerful subordinates. When the toast is overwhelmed by the boss and what the boss has to drink, it is the content of the wrestling.

If the boss says:

If the boss says:

If your team works collectively, the boss says:

After finishing the round according to the rules, the boss will also be dispatched to return to all departments. Similarly, the boss first goes to which department to toast, and the power of the department will rise after the year.

Once again, a sound annual meeting will come to an end

After the meal and drink process, an annual meeting ended victoriously.

At this point you will see that in the cold wind, a group of young people dressed in formal costumes are anxiously waiting for the drip driver's order.

Among them, some people do not know, the next annual performance appraisal, as well as the struggle for the year-end award, I am afraid it will be several times colder than the cold wind of this winter.

Annual meeting, annual meeting, don't take pictures, okay?

The most embarrassing thing in the annual meeting is always the part of the picture.

Because you never think of what you are being photographed at the annual meeting.

You think you shine, but it's your brain that sparkles more than clothes.

You think you look like a big business man, but you look like a greasy middle-aged man.

You think that in the big photo, you are the most prominent one. actually

I sent a circle of friends and the annual meeting was finished.

The end of the event does not mean the end of the annual meeting. Because it also completes its mission in the circle of friends of the boss and employees.

There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. Similarly, the annual meeting in each circle of friends has different styles.

Boss' circle of friends:

The annual circle of friends of overtime colleagues:

The circle of friends of the winning staff:

Ordinary employee circle:

This article from the micro-channel public number: Pliocene phase X Institute (ID: thefairlab), Author: X director, head diagram from the visual China

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Chinese style annual meeting rehearsal overtime red carpet raffle collective killed

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