CTO: electronic invoice number of tickets may be up to 12306 Spring Festival class


[TechWeb] on Dec. 26, 12306 was hailed as "the busiest site in the world" for carrying high ticket traffic and concurrency during the Spring Festival. However, CTO, which has long served the demand for electronic invoice business, introduced to TechWeb that if only the dimension of ticket volume is compared, the current concurrent amount of electronic invoice issuance on the Baiwang cloud platform has already reached. Even more than the Spring Festival travel during the 12306 website.

Founded in 2015, Baiwang Shares is a smart solution provider for total financial and tax services, the most well-known of which is the electronic invoicing business. At present, Baiwang has provided digital invoicing services for over 1,000 large enterprise groups including Tmall, Suning and Didi Travel, providing intelligent taxation products and services to more than 100,000 SMEs. In three years, the company has grown into a unicorn company that has been valued at $1 billion.

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Baiwang shares CTO Zhang Yigong

According to Zhang Yigong, the electronic invoicing platform has extremely high requirements for stability and security. At present, Baiwang Cloud Platform invoices millions of copies every day, with a peak of 10 million sheets/day. Baiwangyun's unique tax-control server technology can achieve more than 1,000 invoices per second, which has reached or even exceeded the ticket processing capacity of the 12306 Spring Festival peak period. In terms of security, Baiwang Cloud is guaranteed by means of private cloud, hybrid cloud deployment, and digital encryption technology.

One of the important projects is Zhang's move to join Baiwang in 2017, the start of a restructuring of the technical architecture of the Baiwang cloud to ensure high concurrent demand for billing.

Before joining Baiwang shares, Zhang Jiagong had served Alibaba and led the integration of products and technologies. In the Baiwang cloud technology architecture, we can also see the shadow of Ali.

"The concept of Ali Zhongtai is the small front end of the big, medium and small Taiwan, and the business line is relatively light. I have put the concept of Ali Zhongtai in the Baiwang system." Zhang Yugong explained the technical architecture transformation of Baiwangyun.

In the finance and taxation industry, everyone often uses a relatively traditional architecture. The traditional architecture is similar to SOA or Spring MVC architecture. This traditional architecture is basically independent service, and the throughput and scalability of the entire service platform. There are certain limitations. Zhang Yugong said, “Baiwang Cloud has completed the transformation of the Internet architecture for the development of the business. The entire company has established a set of standard frameworks, including IaaS resource management, DOCER service deployment, automated deployment platform, automated operation and maintenance platform, automated monitoring platform, etc. At the same time, the Spring Cloud development framework is adopted, and the platform is built on the Internet architecture, and the entire platform shares components. The middle-level platform will give product capabilities in the form of micro-services, such as inbound management capabilities and sales management capabilities of invoices. Service layer services encapsulate supply chain collaboration services, VAT management services, etc. into business systems or products."

Zhang believes that the Internet architecture has advantages over traditional architectures in terms of agility, scalability, and handling high concurrency.

Because the enterprises that need the finance and tax service have different business, the demand for the finance and tax service is also different. How to adapt the customer demand quickly, put forward the very high request to the expansion of the business of the Baiwang cloud. The Baiwang Cloud uses an Ali-like architecture, similar to the Lego building blocks, each with its own capabilities. At either level, it is easy to implement a new service and to add power, which means a quick system solution for enterprise customers. In Wanda electronic invoice project, Baiwang shares completed with Wanda business system, financial system, Wanda SSO and other 11 systems docking, only 29 working days to achieve the project delivery line, broke the delivery time record.

Although the electronic invoice has been widely used, compared with the 75 billion invoice issued in 2017, the popularization rate of domestic electronic invoice is only 5%. With the development of the national tax system reform, the new e-commerce law and the personal tax deduction policy, which will be implemented from January 1, 2019, will bring more demand space to the electronic invoice and fiscal bill. "in the future, the amount of electronic invoicing will only be higher," Zhang said, adding that in order to meet the higher demand for invoicing, Baiwang shares have been technically pre-positioned. (Ning Meng)

Hundred shares CTO Zhang Wei Christine electronic invoice ticket quantity reach 12306 Spring Festival grade

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