Tesla's second quarter delivery hit a new high. Mask tweeted thanks to the team and users.


[TechWeb] July 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, Tesla announced today that the company delivered a record of 95,200 electric vehicles in the second quarter, Tesla CEO Musk also sent a text thanking the team and users .

Masked Twitter screenshot

Masked Twitter screenshot

As shown, Musk said, "congratulations to the Tesla team and thanks to all the new owners of Tesla!" Musk also used two symbols of love.

In the second quarter, Tesla made 87048 electric vehicles, a record high, and delivered about 95200, also hitting an all-time high. It also proves to the market that the company has strong demand for electric vehicles.

Among them, the Model S and Model X production was 14,517 units, and the delivery volume was 17,650 units; the Model 3 production was 72,531 units, and the delivery volume was 77,550 units.

Tesla also said that the company's second quarter has also made great progress in streamlining global logistics and delivery operations, thereby increasing cost efficiency and improving the company's working capital.

Tesla also said that the number of orders submitted in the second quarter exceeded the number of deliveries, which is also proof of strong demand.

During the regular trading hours on Tuesday, Tesla shares fell 1.15% to $224.55; in after-hours trading, Tesla shares rose 7.11% to $224.55 due to good news.

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