Low-headed attention: After 90, IT guys were diagnosed with severe spine degradation


According to pear video reports, recently, a Guangzhou IT boy due to shoulder and neck pain, hands and feet, and other symptoms, was diagnosed with severe degenerative spinal physiological curvature straightened.

According to the doctor, the boy is only 26 years old and his spine is "like the spine of the age of forty or fifty." The cause is mainly because I usually like to play with my mobile phone and bow down for a long time.

According to doctors, the aging of the spine is younger. The doctor also reminded everyone that it takes a few minutes to work for an hour or so, which is very beneficial for their spine.

According to statistics, in the “Top Ten Chronic Diseases” published by the World Health Organization, spine diseases rank second. At present, the detection rate of cervical spondylosis in Chinese outpatients is as high as 64.52%, and women are higher than men. Some doctors said that there are more and more patients looking at the spine disease clinic, and there is a tendency to rejuvenate. Most patients are not complicated diseases, but the condition is not light. The spine of these patients is often "destroyed" by their own way of life. Most of them are commonly known as low-headed and mobile phone families.

Head down ethnic 90 IT kid diagnosis spine degeneration.

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