Zoom in after GPU Turbo? We pass forward "full frame" challenge plan


The morning of 11 July, informed from the informed person that glory is on the cell phone optimization or will promote new technology, internally named the``Full Frame'' Challenge Program. The technical solution will be officially launched on the honor 9X released this month.

This is an internal plan to enhance the experience of mobile phone use, the person said. That is, through the continuous evolution of hardware and technology, improve the mobile phone experience in an all-round way. Not only involves the game, can in the whole scene operation does not appear Catton, realizes the extreme fluency.

At the recent glory 9X technical communication meeting, Xiong Junmin, vice president of glory products, has revealed some clues. He highlighted the Kirin 810 chip that the Glory 9X will be equipped with, which may be one of the hardware foundations of the "full frame" challenge plan.

The Kirin 810 chip was released in June this year with a 7-nm process. Over the past 36 months, the R & D has invested hundreds of millions of dollars, with over 1,000 semiconductor design and process experts, which cost more than 5,000 engineering verification and development boards.

According to Xiong Junmin, Kirin 810 chip itself will achieve a breakthrough in the game experience, in CPU and GPU hardware configuration has done a lot of special development; Honor 9X will also support GPU Turbo3.0 technology, supporting more than 70 mainstream games; and Kirin Gaming technology based on Kirin chip will also come in handy.

However, the content of the "full frame" challenge plan includes not only games, but according to relevant sources, glory has already achieved a full frame experience in terms of games, and glory extends the "full frame" experience to all aspects of mobile phone operation. It is rumored that the plan is also one of the contents of the glory president Zhao Ming will perform at the glory 9X conference.

"Glory 8X had a plan at the time of its development, but it was not implemented until Glory 9X. The AI capability, which is mainly based on Leonardo da Vinci architecture, is an important support to ensure the full frame experience. " And Huawei's Leonardo da Vinci plan also has a certain inheritance relationship.

The DaVinci architecture is Huawei's self-developed NPU architecture, which was first used on Huawei's Shengteng AI chip. This is also the first time Da Vinci architecture has been applied to Kirin chips. According to the AI-Benchmark ranking published by Xiong Junmin, Kirin 810 ranked first in the AI. In addition to the game, the Kirin 810 will also be upgraded in more AI applications such as image processing and video processing.

In fact, many manufacturers have tried to optimize the mobile phone as a whole, such as OPPO's Hyper Boost,vivo Dual Turbo.. Huawei and Honor's solutions are more diverse and deeper, including GPU Turbo,Gaming and the Ark Compiler for Android. The details of the full frame challenge plan and the new technologies involved have yet to be further announced at the press conference.

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