When I came to Vietnam, I saw a more magical rocker than the domestic one.


When I came to Vietnam, I saw a more magical rocking car than made in China.

This article comes from WeChat Public Account:Huanxingqiu, by Li Watermelon, Editor:Zhou Du, Drawing:Great Green, Headprint from East IC.

It is a question of what to play on a trip to Vietnam. The whole of Vietnam, the most famous city, should be Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. Saigon, Lijiang in the white heart of saigon, the material of the famous novel Lover, the most French one of the seven or eight oriental Paris in the far East, how good a place. I told my mom that I was going to Vietnam, and she said it was fun to go to Vietnam. I changed my mind and said I was going to Saigon, and she immediately said, "Saigon, I know!" It's a good place! "that's the charm of Saigon.

However, the Vietnamese travel guide searched online, it will be found that the renamed Saigon is not as popular as it was. All travel tips are recommended for a short stay in Ho Chi Minh City. Staying here is only because Ho Chi Minh is cheap. Then quickly go to Nha Trang, Datun, Mui Ne, Da Nang and other networks in the red town to punch cards. The net red door also thoughtfully recommended the macarons color churches such as pink, white and milk yellow. The full screen ins wind net red tourist photos give the illusion of the Southeast Asian Mediterranean.

This is clearly a consumerism trap. Some people come back from Da Nang, a famous online celebrity town, angrily saying, "Da Nang is Beidaihe, Vietnam!" from which you can see.

In order not to let their travel be drawn by the illusion of social media, I decided to go into the streets of Vietnam and feel the lives of the local people. So the next plane, through more than a dozen of the streets of Saigon, which looked like a small town in the south of China, came to the 23 September park, which was named for the memory of the anti-French struggle, and a net red should not come to the source of the world.

It was early in the morning, and here I saw a very familiar scene:

Familiar fitness equipment, familiar aunt, familiar supermarket shopping bags. When I saw their own skillful figure, my first reaction was "do Chinese tourists get up so early?" Then he went around and saw a square dance team with a leader.

The leader brought a sun hat under the shade of the tree, and a small bee on the waist, rhythmically ordered several aunts to do exercises together. I listened for a while and repeatedly confirmed that they were indeed Vietnamese. But I believe that if this team moves to the country, others will only think that this is a group of southern tourists who do not understand dialects.

This is the biggest feeling about traveling in Vietnam: from time to time, I feel like I'm in a fake country. And it is in the most approachable aspects to find similarities. For example, morning exercises, such as square dance.

I used to think that September 23 was the most Chinese place in Vietnam, but it was just the beginning. In the next few days, it feels the same from time to time. First of all, it is these two chess masters who feel out of control and confused:

In the mall, I couldn’t help but see the classic children’s rocking cradles, and the ones that would shake the music would be:

And the package is full of Vietnamese, but it's just the melon seeds, which is more surprising than the roadside Xiaomi's cell phone store:

All of these are Ho Chi Minh City, which is not based on tourism for a living. I dare not think about what it will look like to be captured by Chinese tourists. It doesn't matter. It's all going anyway.

The other city can choose a train or a bus. The bus could lie, so we chose the bus. The bus-waiting area was simple, no air-conditioning, several semi-dead electric fans, and the tickets were all over the coffee. The ticket for the bus is the ticket, because the bus ticket is the same:

As you can imagine, this bus is more casual. The same is true of departure time. The first time I took the bus, two tourists were an hour late, and the bus waited with us. I'm a little angry. I'm really out of order. The second bus ride, my companion and I were half an hour late and the bus was waiting. I'm glad the Vietnamese are really flexible.

Vietnam's horizontal bus is full of the decay of tropical capitalism, and the seat is a one-and-a-half-lying lounge chair, which is greasy and comfortable. The window was the beach, the blue sky and the sea. Lying on it, you can imagine yourself as a rich tourist in the last century, not to be afraid of spending money for the kind of the figure. If there's a special exotic experience in Vietnam, I think it's supposed to be on the bus.

But I also found the East Asian spirit of the Vietnamese people's flexibility in the bus.

For example, the air conditioning vent on my head is broken and I blow my head up. It seems that there is no way:

But! I immediately found a piece of hard paper in it! Pull it out, and this is a tuyere that changes the direction of the wind:

After a few hours of bumps, we came to the famous fishing village of Minai.

Mui Ne is a fishing village with many hotels. The place is not big. There are three attractions in total: Fairy Creek, White Sand Dunes and Red Sand Dunes. You can pack a jeep and stroll through the day. Hidden consumption is in the white sand dunes, the driver will imply that you go to the off-road vehicle, no money can borrow from him.

There is nothing to say about the red sand dunes. There is no charge, no consumption, and the left hand sand dunes are right handed to the sea, and the United States is finished. This is a panoramic photo of a red sand dune. Feel it:

The white sand dunes are also beautiful, and the key project is the dune motorcycle that the driver hints you are going to play. A hundred dollars back and forth, send you up, very exciting, value for money. I have the most exciting experience in Vietnam. The first is to fight in Mui Ne, and the second is to take a buggy in Mui Ne. The off-road vehicle is really wild, and the 60-degree slope of the exaggerated motor roar is crawling. There are two kinds of off-road vehicles in the white sand dune. The following is not so exciting because you are afraid of picking you down:

The second type is this kind of roofed, with a cover that is more fearless and more fierce:

Below we want to focus on the Fairy Stream.

The jeep passed by a small bridge and smelled a stinky smell from afar, and went to the fairy stream. Fairy Stream is a shallow stream, because the sand is soft, suitable for barefoot walking, the ground has water must pick up the long skirt, attracting a lot of little fairies carrying a skirt to take pictures, so called Fairy Stream (I compiled ). The online Fairy River picture is very tempting, even the well-known agent Ms. Yang Tianzhen has left a smile here:

But the first side of the fairy stream I saw was like this:

This is the entrance to Fairy Creek, which is very suspicious. But after a while of suspicion, I took off my shoes. I believe that as long as the current is fast enough, beriberi will not catch up with me. Along the way, we saw a lot of red skirts, straw hats, and their boyfriends struggling to shoot on their backs and avoid squatting in the water. The time is worth May Day, the fairy may be a little dense, smelling a little rich human flavor, I came by the traditional spirit of "money can not be spent in vain" to walk through the fairy brook.?

But I have to say that the scenery on the road is still very special. If I can remember to bring rain boots next time, I would like to walk again:

The next stop for Mui Ne is Nha Trang. I don't know if you found out that Mui Nai has not been traced by Chinese. After all, it is just a fishing village. Nha Trang is different.

When the bus entered Naozhuang, it began to see a large number of Chinese characters. In fact, there are a lot of Russian, but Russian and Vietnamese are alphabetic languages, in which square Chinese characters are particularly prominent.

After getting off the bus, I found that the people of Nha Trang are more proficient in the daily Chinese one hundred sentences, "Hello", "Thank you", "Goodbye", "Press the foot and press the foot", "Please have the position inside." Even the roadside signboards come with rhymes: Wan-style sauna, accommodation spa, dollar.

In Nha Trang, “change money” can be seen everywhere. The “pho” of Vietnamese powder has been translated into “noodles” intimately. The LED electronic screen of the latex pillow shop scrolls and plays Chinese. “Do not buy it, don’t buy it.”

It’s not the Vietnamese style to go to Nha Trang, but to feel what a city can be occupied by foreigners. The number one net shop in Nha Trang is a Russian meal, and then a bunch of Chinese-run rotisserie. As well as "Nha Trang, Chengdu, Sichuan", "Nha Trang, Sichuan", "Nha Trang Thai Buffet", "Little County Liver Hot Pot, Bunch of Fragrant", and Haidilao, the entire Nha Trang seems to be a Sichuan overseas secret base.

And this store doesn't know what it is, I didn't go:

In the meantime, some northeast elements and northwest elements are mixed. Yazhuang Chinese food is probably the most authentic overseas Chinese food in the world. Blessed are the friends of my hometown stomach. If you go abroad, you must come to Naozhuang.

After eating the Vietnamese barbecue that the Sichuan boss was personally seasoning, we decided to look for some overseas travel feelings. Then, the net red spot is a good choice. So with the scorching sun, the upper body was exposed to the T-shirt silhouette, and we walked to the famous pink church.

The pink church, which sounds Instagram, feels the same as the pink flamingos. The pink church photographed by others is like this:

The pink church I saw was like this:

It is indeed pink and a church. The shape of tropical branches, small bunting, blue sky and white clouds, everything is exactly the same as online. It’s just that when I stand under the church, I always feel that something is wrong. Is it a dreamy feeling of losing the filter? It is not all. It may be that the way to the church is too grounded, the impression is anchored:

The white tip in the distance is the pink church.

Another factor that affects the senses is that it is really too dry. The Vietnamese people riding motorcycles are fully armed to the sun, and the nails are not squinted and flew over the church. The Chinese with their arms and legs are piled up in the shadow of the eaves opposite the pink church, holding a long gun and a short gun. Each oily face is shot. All of them read "Come on" and "Go away after shooting."

And I don't know why pink churches are full of Chinese, and maybe pink churches are only online celebrities in China, not in other countries, just as Lijiang, who is only white in Saigon, is not black. Scenic borderless Internet celebrities have national boundaries, which is probably the case.

Of course, Nha Trang is still different. Overall, this is the realm of cyberpunk, whether it seems to be or actually. Nha Trang coastal, but the purpose of your trip to Nha Trang can not be locked on the beach. There are many sun loungers on the beach in Nha Trang. If you are touched by the scenery of the sea, think of some past events, and want to lie on the loungers to smooth out the soul, there will be dark locals who come out to ask you for 100,000 yuan (Vietnam Shield), don't give up, you can make a counter-offer, this piece will be the same.

Speaking of the beach reclining chair, in Viet Nam, the recline chair is listed as one of the travel trip, and the diving, the speed boat side by side, it can be seen how high the recline chair is in Vietnam. In short, the beach should not be the purpose of the trip to Bud Villa. To enjoy the beach, you should go to Mennai. The beach is covered by the hotel. How do you want to lie down.

Of course, Buzhuang is still worth going to. Prices in this place are cheap, rude and free, and there is no public transport, mainly on rented motorcycles. I can feel my control over life by jumping out of the alley on a motorcycle. It is a good place to escape from reality for the time being.

At night, the entire city was noisy, and someone projected a silent movie on the wall of another building in one building. Standing on the roof and overlooking Nha Trang, you will find that the buildings in this city are staggered, like the square plants that naturally grow in the rain forest. If you are parkour, you can find 100,000 places for jumping and rolling. In Beijing, only 100,000 places that are suitable for jumping off the building can be found. Still different.

At this point, my trip to Vietnam is almost over. At the next stop at Hanoi airport, Chinese aunts returning home always regard Vietnamese sisters who go abroad as compatriots. After landing, they wake up home in dialects that their own people may not be able to understand. However, the people of China and Vietnam do look alike. The following row is taken by Vietnamese-speaking aunts, which is very confusing:

Finally, share a few photos as the closing point of this travel note.

Poster on the roadside of Ho Chi Minh City:

Political posters in the museum:

Handing mango to the Uncle of the People’s Army:

Japan and the more friendly:

Ho Chi Minh City Urban Landscape:

United States of America:

Meinai seaside stalls:

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Come to Vietnam domestic magic shake car.

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