2018 input method report: Sogou input method into the country's largest voice input application


Recently, CCTV market research CTR marketing concept released the "2018 mobile phone input method voice input market research report." According to the latest survey data, Sogou, Baidu, and Xunfei have formed a head enterprise pattern with a market share of 91.8%. Among them, the Sogou input method accounted for about 70.9%, taking the overwhelming advantage to sit firmly. Nowadays, China's input method industry is entering the AI ​​era, and the value of voice input is increasing day by day. Sogou’s daily average voice request reached 534 million times, surpassing the sum of Baidu and Xunfei, and it is the undisputed voice input application in China.

Sogou input method is riding a dust, the market share is over 70%

According to (CNNIC), the China Internet Information Center, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 753 million by the end of 2017. With the popularization of smart mobile terminal devices, mobile phone input method has become a necessary information exchange tool for users. In the era of artificial intelligence, input method, the basic entry point of human-computer interaction, becomes more important and becomes a necessary place for military experts.


In the new AI input era, the mobile phone input method also stepped into the weak storage strong shuffling stage. Statistics show that Sogou, Baidu and iFLYTEK accounted for 70.9g / 12.6% of the total number of users in 2018, respectively. At the same time, Sogou Input's brand recognition rate reached an astonishing 86. 6%, far ahead of other brands, it can be described as a "national level input method."


Voice input user portrait: 8090 after the main force, first- and second-tier cities accounted for nearly 70%

For the internet-sensitive post-80s generation, voice input is not new, but a common habit. According to statistics, nearly 70% of the residents in the first and second tier cities account for nearly 70% of the users of voice input, forming a powerful radiation transmission influence. According to the report, the average monthly income of the voice input users amounts to 8986 yuan per month. Is a real high-income group, and more than half of the population with a bachelor's degree or higher.

With the advantages of liberating hands, simple operation, natural and efficient, voice input has been widely favored by young Internet users. Not only with the functions of color text, expression packs, and bucket maps, it has become a "black technology" when chatting and spitting, and it is constantly infiltrating in life scenes. It is reported that 50.3% of users are most willing to use the voice function of the input method in outdoor scenes such as going out and driving.

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Daily average of 534 million requests, Sogou became the country's largest voice input application

Of the three major input brands, Sogou Input's App has a huge daily average of 251 million active users, far higher than Baidu and iFLYTEK. Like snowball, the huge active users drive Sogou in the registration rate, payment rate, continued payment rate, the start of the overall lead in the indicators, constitute the product stickiness and transformation of "brand moat." With 49.3 percent of voice usage, Sogou Input is ahead of Baidu and iFLYTEK, putting Sogou Input at the top of the industry.

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It is also worth mentioning that Sogou Input's average daily request frequency for active users' voice input is 534 million, which exceeds the sum of Baidu and iFLYTEK's frequency, and is the most well-deserved speech input application platform in China. In the market competition of 100 million units, Sogou Input's voice technology can be seen.

Voice input future blueprint: huge growth space, Sogou's leading edge is obvious

With the aid of artificial intelligence technology, the importance of speech function in mobile phone input method is gradually highlighted. In the future, speech input has a very broad growth space, which needs further development and exploration.


From the installed user voice input function use, Sogou Input's utilization rate reached 65.2a, the first position in the industry. According to the results of one-week research, the frequency of users using input method voice function is generally concentrated in 1-10 times per day, Sogou's proportion of users is 32.8, which is also the highest in the industry.

More and more life scenarios, such as mobile devices, education, medical care, smart homes, and smart cars, have been connected to the ports of intelligent voice input technology. Sogou's continuous summit in the field of voice input fully demonstrates the user's viscosity and technical hard power of its products.

With the arrival of AI era, science and technology to life more and more closely. It is understood that Sogou in the field of artificial intelligence technology, has been in the world's leading position. In addition to Sogou Input, who has become the largest voice input application in China, Sogou has continuously developed a series of products, such as voice interaction derived from speech technology, AI simultaneous interpretation, intelligent translation hardware, etc. Explore more application scenarios and commercial landing. In this input method of the industry competition, Sogou has obviously seized the lead.

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