In the harsh environment of piracy, "Wandering Earth" box office broke through 2 billion mark

[TechWeb] If you want to select the film with the highest attention and the most topicality during the Spring Festival of 2019, it is none other than "Wandering Earth". Six days after the release, the movie box office of "Wandering Earth" officially broke through the 2 billion mark, and this number is still rising.


Known as the space version of "War Wolf", "Wandering Earth", adapted from the famous sci-fi writer Liu Cixin's short story of the same name, has received much attention since its publication. The Douban score continues to remain high. Since the release, although the film's Douban score has It has fallen, but it still maintains a high of around 7.9 points.

The box office of "Wandering Earth" has created many miracles in the history of Chinese cinema. Since its release on February 5, the box office has exceeded 500 million in two days, and the four-day time has exceeded the one billion mark. After that, it is even more like a bamboo in the fifth day. In the first six days and two days, we won another one billion box office, and the total box office officially exceeded the two billion mark.

Such a result or in the case of rampant piracy, is more rare.

The Spring Festival movies including "Wandering Earth", "Crazy Alien", "Flying Life" and "The King of New Comedy" have been seriously attacked by piracy since the release. The clear version of the film is crazy on the Internet. The leak has largely diverted the crowd who went to the cinema to watch the movie.

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