Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile: 5G Business Service in 50 cities across the country this yea


[TechWeb] On June 25, before the opening of MWC19 Shanghai, at the China Mobile 5G+ Strategic Planning Conference, Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, introduced the specific content of the 5G+ program in detail. China Mobile 5G+ mainly involves four aspects.

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The first is the coordinated development of 5G+4G to create a boutique network covering the whole country, advanced technology and high quality.

Yang Jie said that speed up the construction of the world's largest 5G network. China Mobile will give full play to the advantages of site and frequency resources and speed up the pace of 5G network construction. On the one hand, China Mobile has the largest 4G network in the world, and the number of 4G base stations accounts for more than half of the country. It will make full use of 4G site resources to build 5G to achieve rapid network deployment. On the other hand, China Mobile owns 2.6GHz and 4.9GHz bands for 5G construction, which helps to build networks with low cost and efficiency.

In 2019, China Mobile will build more than 50,000 5G base stations nationwide and realize 5G commercial services in more than 50 cities. In 2020, it will further expand its network coverage and provide 5G commercial services in all urban areas above the prefecture level. .

The second is 5G+AICDE fusion innovation. Yang Jie introduced five capabilities of China Mobile's 5G+AICDE: First, promote the close integration of 5G and artificial intelligence technologies, and build connectivity and intelligent convergence services. The second is to promote the close integration of 5G and IoT technologies, and build the capacity of the industry's IOT private network slice service. The third is to promote the close integration of 5G and cloud computing technologies and build a one-stop cloud network convergence service capability. The fourth is to promote the close integration of 5G and big data technologies and build a secure and credible big data service capability. The fifth is to promote the close integration of 5G and edge computing technologies and build carrier-class edge cloud service capabilities.

The third is the 5G+Ecology ecological co-construction. Yang Jie said that the “Terminal Pioneer Program” was upgraded to “5G Terminal Pioneer Industry Alliance”. 5G Industry Digital Alliance, launched 100 partner optimization plans, 10 billion capital take-off plan, 1000 channel promotion plan, preferential resources enjoyment plan, and promote the common development of the industry. Launched the first domestic 5G multimedia innovation alliance for digital content.

The fourth is 5G+X. China Mobile will provide “no change card, no change number, easy to open 5G” service, and create multi-dimensional, multi-dimensional and multi-mode service capabilities based on rate, bandwidth, delay, slicing and function. Provides new experiences such as video acceleration and game acceleration.

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