On April 15th, after Zhou Hongyi sold 3.7 billion yuan to Chi Anxin, the media interpret that "the old week is still separated from the old." But for this "divided" rumor, Lao Zhou deliberately clarified the media gathering in the big weekend: not a separation, but let the old Qi round the dream. In the future, 360 will create a big security ecology, and then use investment to incubate more companies like Qi'an.

Not to be separated is to let the old Qi dream

On the evening of April 12, 360 issued a notice to transfer the entire equity of Beijing Qi'anxin Technology Co., Ltd. (360 Enterprise Security Group). 360 shares of Qi'anxin accounted for 22.5856% of its total equity, and the transaction amount was RMB 3.731 billion. The transferee of the external transfer is Mingluo Investment Management Partnership of Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area. The majority shareholder of the company is Xiao Xiaodong, a related company of Jinhuijin Investment Group.

Announcement out, the media have been interpreted as "Lao Zhou and Lao Qi separated". In fact, as early as the early 2018 360 return to the A-share listing, there are Zhou Hongyi and Qi Xiangdong split rumors, the official has been denied.

Zhou Hongyi also saw Saturday two days "bullets fly around", all kinds of old accounts, spit. So come out and call the media to tell the story.

"The concept of separation is not there. Laoqi is an ecological company that we support and invest in." Zhou Hongyi said bluntly.

Looking through the old account, Qi Xiangdong and Zhou Hongyi met in 1999, but they walked together in 2003 and fought together until now: from Yahoo China to Qihoo 360. Among them, the two experienced the 3Q war together, the 360 ​​went to the US to go public, privatized, and returned to the A-share and other key battles.


"because 360 has been listed on me twice in history, Lao Qi said he particularly wished he could bring a listed company in person." It is with this goal that Zhou Hongyi made the initial investment.

According to the announcement, Qi Xiangdong holds 27.70% of the shares of Beijing Qi'anxin Technology Co., Ltd., which is the largest shareholder and is the actual controller of Qi'anxin. 360 Company is the second largest shareholder of Chi Anxin, and its shareholding in Qi Anxin accounts for 22.59% of its total share capital.



Invest in 10 safe listed companies in the next 3 years

From the perspective of investing in Chi Anxin, 360 has achieved a good return. According to the announcement, after the completion of the equity transfer, 360 will receive 3.7 billion yuan of transfer funds, with an investment income of nearly 3 billion yuan. "From the business point of view, everyone thinks it is a good business return." Zhou Hongyi said, "At present, 360 hands have about tens of billions of cash, and have a better cash reserve for the development of 360 future business."

In the announcement, in addition to the sale of Chi Anxin in addition to 3.7 billion yuan, 360 also announced that after the completion of the transaction, the company will not use the 360 ​​brand in its corporate name, trade name, licensed products and services and licensing materials, as well as publicity and promotion. , trademarks, trade names; the trademarks with "360" and related texts and graphics that Qi'anxin Group is applying for registration but have not yet obtained the registration certificate shall withdraw the application as soon as possible; the trademarks with "360" and related texts and graphics may not be obtained. reuse.

At the same time, 360 announced the future focus on government and enterprise security, including not limited to self-building, investment, mergers and acquisitions and other means of further implementation.

In this regard, the outside world speculates that the two sides will enter the competition stage.



So, how does 360 enter the security field of government and enterprise?

Zhou Hongyi said that 360 should be a supporter of big data behind cyber security companies, an enabler of artificial intelligence, and a creator of security ecology.

Previously, Zhou Hongyi proposed a big security strategy: in the era of Internet of Everything, cybersecurity threats have expanded from cyberspace to malicious control or attacks on national security, national defense security, critical infrastructure security, social security, urban security and even personal security. 360 will continue to build a "national security brain", "urban security brain", "home security brain."

The positioning of 360 in network security is no longer a company selling products or selling goods, but standing at the national and social level, making network security big data and providing national-level network security services.

In addition, from a model perspective, 360 will turn network security into a service, and use investment to foster more companies like Chi Anxin.

“I don’t think there is enough 360 in China. Only one Chian letter is not enough. It requires a lot of products and companies to cooperate.” Zhou Hongyi said, “360 defines itself as an ecological security platform here.”


According to Zhou Hongyi, 360 will invest in 10 safe listed companies in the next three years.

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