Sports drama "no mind", sports fans "unhappy"

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Table tennis, hockey, mountaineering, diving, tennis, e-sports. This is not the CCTV5 event schedule, but the video site's TV keywords in the second half of this year. A while ago, "chasing the ball", "accompany you to the top of the world" just finished, yesterday "dear, love" began again.

"the tuyere of sports drama is really here." This year, many people inside and outside the film and television industry have this feeling. The immediate 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, so that the natural theme of sports with theme genes has become a positive option in the eyes of the platform.

However, after many interviews, we found that from the creative point of view, sports dramas have not made any major innovations in the past few years. From "Cyclone Girl" in 2015 to "our adolescence" in 2017 to "Sweet strike" in 2018. In addition to "whirlwind Girl" once created the history of weekly TV ratings, most of the other projects are not prominent, the overall lack of popular style. And these works always belong to the conventional youth idol drama, sports is just the story background and props.

And that's why, so far, the sports play has yet to break out of the "good-burning" myth, with a high score of 7 points and a low or even less than 3 points. And regardless of the quality of the plot itself, these plays are evaluated equally as a "to make a mess of" by the corresponding sports fans, however, even though it seems to be a "sugar water" of youth sports, there is still a small amount of sports in the play. The construction of the site, the training of the actors and the expert consultants. It's all the extra cost of the ordinary youth.

It sounds like a thankless subject, but is the sports fan's spit important to sports? Who do you want to shoot for these dramas? In the interview, the entertainment capital theory matrix puffer fish film archives found that the creators have never actually regarded the "sports drama" as the positioning of their works, they are more willing to call their works for the youth inspirational drama, love light comedy and these plots. The type of naming. Is a sports drama a false proposition?

From development to marketing, "sports" is never the core

“Sports fans and fans themselves will have a certain sense of isolation.”

In the interview, many film and television workers expressed such views. In the scope of capabilities, we should respect the opinions of the audience of the sports program as much as possible, but at the same time, we must understand that this part of the audience is more likely to be a professional event. The film and television drama should not and need to compete with the competition.

This may be a fact that must be broken down: sports fans constantly complain that "sports become a background board", it may be the intention of film and television drama workers to do so, they are just trying to find a unique ground for universal stories.

ABB's script workshop has produced "Tennis Boy", and now the "Girl in Armor" is also a competitive theme, talking about a girl who likes figure skating very much, because an accidental woman dressed as a men's wear into the ice hockey team. "What we want to express is that the flower is very beautiful, and it is especially in line with the traditional female orientation, but the ice hockey can also be a choice for girls." ABB co-founder Fan Wei said that the focus of this story is how girls look for reality. Self and dream, not just showing slippery or ice hockey.

Most of the works that are considered to be sports dramas on the market are often not focused on sports but not on the ground, but rather do not want to tell a purely sports story. “The purpose of these sports elements is to create a real environment. Because love/friendship always has a sense of reality, otherwise it will become a purely fictional thing.”

In Fan Wei’s view, there are three major considerations for shooting sports dramas. First, sports cannot become the threshold for ordinary audiences. Second, it should be a basis for satisfying the demands of ordinary audiences. If they want to see love, then These sports are more of a place where love occurs. Third, the work cannot convey the concept of violating the sports itself or the sports spirit, and must respect the truth.

"accompany you to the top of the world" chose the emerging e-sports project in recent years. Producer Zhou Dan told Entertainment Capital that the game picture in the play is even less than 1/10, because the focus of the whole play is always on the interaction between the characters. There will be more training and competition scenes in "Tornado Girl" (Taekwondo) and "waves one by one" (swimming), accounting for about 1/3 of the more visible competitive scenes. But the focus of these plays is not on the sports itself, but on the character growth and interaction of the characters.

Sometimes, some creative details can reflect the original intention of the sports drama "I am not in the sport itself": "With you to the top of the world" completely does not consider any real game in the game as the protagonist of the competitive project, but a fictional game, Because "the game is only the medium of the plot"; in order to increase the intensity of the action, "Cyclone Girl" simply fictionalized a new movement based on Taekwondo, called "Yuanwudao".

Although sports itself is not the focus of the creation of such TV dramas, the promotion of marketing will also take into account the preferences of the corresponding sports enthusiasts: "Chase the ball", please go to the table tennis world champion Lin Gaoyuan to challenge the protagonist "anti-physical common sense" trick Whirlwind, "With you to the top of the world" invited Sky Li Xiaofeng and more than a dozen e-sports world champions and well-known anchors, six major e-sports clubs to forward support.

However, Liu Chang, co-founder of Lai Keng Culture, who is in charge of the whole case marketing of these plays, said that these attempts can only set off a certain amount of discussion, but the diversion effect on the female audience of the main audience is not obvious. In contrast, "chasing the ball" love plot # chocolate kiss #, "accompany you to the top of the world" combined with the graduation hot spot # with you graduate #, the artist label # Wang Yibo Jingyan # is the focus of this kind of drama publicity.

Another co-founder of the interest group talks about the monsoon as well as the entertainment capital theory, the globefish film, the love play, the young people of the puppet show are the mass market, so the positioning of the series of sports subject shows first is the youth love play. "The logic of marketing must be to broaden our audience range first, not to come up to tell you this is a table tennis play, electric competition, this naturally forms a barrier, does not conform to the propagation logic."

Therefore, in the publicity of sports dramas, the works depicting love will work hard on CP marketing, and the more ambitious dramas will also extract universal emotions and growth topics. And sports itself, more as a visual element than as a content tag for presentation.

For example, the material of "Catch the Ball" is not lacking in white spherical elements, and the dazzling blue light is the main visual element of "To accompany you to the top of the world". Also in the stage of script creation, "Girls in Armor" also creates a "winter texture" based on the characteristics of ice sports, which is different from the vast majority of summer fresh and fresh styles on the market - this may be a sports drama. The right way to use sports labels.

Sports drama "Shouting" collection: We have been working hard on professionalism

In the hearts of sports fans, the "three sins" of sports dramas are: love is always in love, actors are laymen at first sight, and competitive scenes are too unreal. If "love and love" may be the focus of this kind of drama, what about the two crimes that follow?

"The actor has an actor's profession. If you can do a good job while doing the actor's job, this is our luck. If you don't play well, you can't say anything because the actor has tried his best." The producer, Dai Qianxiao, said that the actors basically entered the group more than a month in advance and soaked in the table tennis hall every day. They did not practice during the shooting. "You can put the posture slightly like some."

Basically, all sports dramas spend some time in the sports training of actors. "accompany you to the top of the world." find the LGD club players to help the actors with hand speed training. "Tennis Boys" actors are coached by Li Na. The actors who already have the corresponding sports foundation are rare, not to mention the image and character temperament of the character itself. As a result, producers tend to make choices, choose actors who are more in line with the character, and then put artists who are really good at playing ball and even professional athletes in the team of opponents of the protagonists in the play.?

TV dramas are not documentaries, and it is unrealistic to bring actors to the level of experts. While sports fans are keen to find details, the creators of sports dramas are looking for visual skills to make competitive scenes more visible. In general, TV dramas choose to highlight the posture of characters in the competition, psychological changes and interaction with each other, which is completely different from the logic of watching the event.

For viewers who are used to watching professional events, these efforts do not make TV dramas look better than competitions; but for the average audience, this is in line with their attention allocation and may also experience the charm of sports.

Sports, as an important background of the story, the large-scale event scene is the "frequent place" of the highlight moment of the whole play, and it is also the hardest bone for the producer to gnaw. "accompany you to the top of the world." producer Zhou Dan told the entertainment capital matrix puffer porpoise film and television file that the large-scale event scene involves two difficulties in shooting management and shooting technology.

In the drama of the World Finals, there were as many as 1,000 people and more than 300 on-site staff. The actual shooting of the game and the rehearsal will take 8 to 10 days. In the past ten days, how to dispatch more than one thousand people in the field to perform their duties has presented great challenges to on-site management.

Another difficulty of the event scene lies in the shooting technology: there is a great gap between the competitive level of the actors and the professional athletes, but the film and television drama needs to be more contagious and shocking than the broadcast of the event, so it is necessary to shoot a large amount of material so that the later editing can be rendered.

The production of "To accompany you to the top of the world", the filming of the film, has also done such "the whirlwind girl", "splashing flowers" and other sports themes. When I mentioned the swimming competition in "Flower Blossoms", Zhou Dan still had a lingering fear: "I remember that one day we took out the material and only cut it out for 30 seconds, because the lens with strong rhythm is quite broken, more than a dozen. The machine went to shoot and the scrap rate was very high."

As an episode of e-sports drama, the single-set lens of "To accompany you to the world" can reach 1,300, and the sound material is also very complicated. "The voice of the live players, the game commentary of the story, the confrontation in the game, the voice of the audience and the soundtrack... The audience can only pay attention to the two sounds at the same time, then we have to choose the moment in the moment. What kind of voice is used to let the audience feel the information we want to convey most effectively."

In addition to these common problems, sports dramas that have chosen different sports have their own difficulties. For example, table tennis is small in size and high-speed rotating ball. It is very difficult to capture details. The swimming theme means a lot of underwater photography. The ice rink is relatively expensive. The ice skates have certain safety hazards in shooting...

Dai Qianxiao said, “There is no good competitive sports. It is related to skills, or related to speed, or to the high-intensity struggle between the two teams. In fact, it’s not very good.” When the youth drama chose The sports element means a lot of investment in the presentation of the competitive profession, and the low-cost advantage of the youth category is no longer obvious.

Youth idol is not the only way to open the theme of sports

No matter how affectionately the producer explains his professional efforts, he still can't escape the picky eyes of a particular circle audience-which may be the fate of choosing a vertical subject matter. But then again, are those pop dramas with good word of mouth really more "professional"?

After watching the Korean drama "Weightlifting Fairy Jinfuzhu", the audience may not even figure out what the snatch and jerk are. In the early days of the Japanese TV series "Volleyball Women", the deer scorpion played in the air and did not affect it as a classic. The puffer fish believes that the reason why the current sports drama is controversial is that it is only one aspect of being competitive in professionalism. The more important issue is that the story itself is not moving enough. After all, sports is only the background, and the story is the core. When the story is attractive enough, the details of the background are less important than natural.

This is not a problem with a particular show, but the only way for a new hot subject to be explored at the beginning. It still makes sense to try to be less successful until the fashion comes into being.

This year's sports show showed a blowout appearance, which makes one can not help but guess, whether the video platform is carrying out the layout of this type of show?

In the view of several interviewees, the choice of a project by the platform they cooperate with is based on the judgment of the quality of the content of a single project, and does not seem to intentionally carry out the overall layout and planning of sports dramas.

In recent years, the past hot topics such as costumes have been relatively restricted, and the risk of sports topics is relatively small. The platform will naturally choose more such projects, thus showing that sports dramas have become a new trend. The youth drama is also a low-risk option. When the youth drama chooses sports themes, it can be called double insurance.

For this kind of binding of the youth idol drama and the sports subject, the audience mostly has a negative attitude. On the one hand, the youth idol drama is originally in the middle and lower layers of the TV series's aesthetic contempt chain; on the other hand, the "E-sport has no love" and other labels are in the heart, and the exhibitionism of the competition is to let a lot of sports fans and even ordinary play fans consciously reject the love line, and the high Yan value is linked with the competitive project.

However, in the eyes of the film and television industry, the combination of sports themes and youth dramas is a necessity.

From the point of view of content matching, there is innate binding between youth and sports: the requirements of sports competition for age are very demanding, and the peak age of athletes is very short, and the common warm-blood spirit of sports is also consistent with the image of youth. On the other hand, youth drama is indeed facing the problem of homogenization and lack of novelty, so it needs to develop in a more subdivided direction. Therefore, at this point in time, the choice of sports theme in youth drama is not only in line with the creative law, but also the embodiment of market demand.

Of course, for sports dramas, the broadening of materials is also an inevitable trend in the future development. Youth drama is the first step in sports dramas, but it is by no means the only possibility.

In the interview, both Zhou Dan and Dai Qianxiao mentioned the professional subjects such as professional growth in the system and the life of retired athletes. These stories are currently only known in the form of documentaries or news, but in the future they may become another way of opening sports dramas other than youth idols.

In addition to focusing on the stories and characters of the youth campus, there is also a more imaginative future of sports themes, such as the combination of suspense and other types. Because sports is essentially the soil of the story-either the environment in which love germinates, or the scene of murder.

As sports themes become richer and richer, the label "sports drama" may disappear more and more-TV viewers actually want to see love or solve the case, while those who really want to see sports turn on the live broadcast of the event.

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Sports drama mindless sports fans unhappy.

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