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From the launch to the integration of the Tencent video team, the highlights of the yoo video have only lasted for 5 months.

On Nov. 1, 2018, yoo video was launched at Tencent Global partner Conference. That day, it was the focus of public opinion, the media scrambled to report the target. It is given a certain expectation by the outside world, expect Tencent in a short video can bend over, fight a beautiful turnaround battle.

It turns out that this is just another self-revelry of the outside world, and the yoo video has not escaped the marginalized fate of "departure is the peak".

"Yoo's priority has been lowered, and the internals are no longer actively leaning them on resources. Now they are integrated into the Tencent video team, but they are still developing normally." A person familiar with the matter told the Blue Whale TMT reporter.

From micro-vision to yoo video, to re-supporting micro-vision, Tencent has adjusted resources several times to different short video products, and it seems that some cards are uncertain. Regrettably, this style of play did not bring about the expected results. After several replacements of the "head card", Tencent's short video products have not yet been highlighted. Who is the Tencent short video lost to?

Pilots under the "horse racing" mechanism

In 2018, some media reported that Tencent's short video products, there are about 15 models, which is consistent with Tencent's C-end products consistent "horse racing mechanism" style.

Tencent has been encouraging internal race competition when it comes to C-end products, many of which were actually innovative products that tried and hatched internally. But because Tencent is too big, whatever products will attract public attention. " A Tencent insider said.

WeChat and < Honor of Kings > two phenomenal products are the products of Tencent's internal horse racing mechanism. Therefore, for a long time, the "horse racing mechanism" was regarded by Tencent as an important way to make good products, and its attitude towards short video was no exception.

WeChat Zhang Xiaolong once said that new products should not be promoted without a natural growth curve.

“When each product proves to be valuable to the user, the company will give you some resources to support it, but this value will prove itself first, rather than abuse the resources and traffic, which will damage the user experience.” Tencent Vice President Lin Songtao revealed in an interview.

Measuring the success or failure of a product with "natural growth" may be the reason why these "test pieces" are unknown. Because I can't prove myself, I don't even have access to promotional resources.

Blue whale TMT reporter based on public information on Tencent online short video products statistics found that some products online for many years, but very few people know.

one five five four seven six six six one seven six two seven zero six eight

As can be seen from the above chart, Tencent has launched 8 short video products in one year in 2018. Among them, the video of the next meal was taken off the shelves only after about 2 months. In all of the above apps, the estimated annual downloads of more than 10 million are only micro-views; followed by cat cakes, the estimated downloads are just over a million; in addition, there are 7 apps with less than 100,000 downloads.

one five five four seven six six six three zero six seven four four five eight

Compared with the download of 26.38 million micro-visions, the download of 128 million vibrato and the download volume of fast-handed 41.27 million are too "superior".

"Short video is with strong social attributes. The more dispersed it is, the more it weakens its important social attributes." Xiang Yu Capital said.

In summary, in the field of short video, Tencent should abandon the past horse-style single-handedly fighting, and the internal resources of mutual competition and fierce competition, and should focus on “doing big things”.

Can yoo video merge into Tencent video to overtake?

Microvision can stand out in a group of "test products" and cannot be separated from Tencent's repeated support. In contrast, yoo video was born under the expectation of Tencent and the outside world. It comes with the "halo" of traffic and resources, but unfortunately it is impossible to escape the fate that is not valued.

At the beginning of 2018, it was rumored that Tencent was developing a new short video product code-named "hot pot" to match the standard vibrato and headline products. Then the yoo video began to surface, and it turned out to be a short-lived "hot pot" short video.

At the beginning of its birth, yoo was raised to the height of "Tik Tok". This means that the birth of extraordinary yoo video comes with resources, do not need horse racing to get Tencent's strong promotion.

As for the saying "on the vibrato," Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent, once denied that "we don't think about setting a product as a goal, and we don't think that any product that has been done well in the market today. It has already represented the future of short video."

"the short video market is far from reaching saturation, and how we interact and socialize in the future is the direction we stick to." This is the beginning of yoo video online, Lin Songtao gave the original vision of doing yoo video.

But at that time, Lin Songtao said that “there is no standard correct answer” for the future exploration process and track gameplay. The team is also exploring the process and hopes to make new attempts different from other products on the market. "In line with the tonality and taste of young people, facing the future" was the most specific description that Lin Songtao was able to provide to the outside world.

"when the team launched the yoo video, they didn't really think about it, and they didn't know what to do." A Tencent insider said.

It turns out that on November 1, 2018, it was the peak of the yoo video that was officially launched. The outside world and users did not wait for its exploration results and new track gameplay, etc., only the yoo video business was integrated into the Tencent video team, the internal priority was lowered. Tencent attributed this adjustment to the normal organizational restructuring within the company.

In the "930 change", Tencent will former Social Network Group (SNG), former mobile Internet business group (MIG), former Online Media Group (OMG), with social platform, traffic platform, digital content, Core technology and other highly related and highly integrated plate, organic separation and reorganization, the establishment of "content and platform business group" (PCG).

"We have set up PCG. In the future, we will try to combine some products in the short video track. In the future, our short video will still not have only one product, but it may not be the same as before. There is no synergy between us. The purpose of our PCG is to hope that in the field of the entire track, we must have a certain division of labor and synergy in the field of short video." At the Tencent Partner Conference on November 1 last year, Lin Songtao If it is called.

Yoo Video, the first short video product launched by PCG after the "930 revolution," may have been given a different mission from the start.

"In the long video field, Tencent video was initially relatively backward, and it belongs to the latecomers. It has more experience of fighting. Short video is actually an industry that needs to be beaten, and Tencent is relatively backward in this state." Tencent internal staff said.

According to insiders, future yoo video and Tencent video may do some linkage, Tencent video on the exclusive channel of yoo, and so on.

Tencent Video is a typical roundabout overtaking product within Tencent. At that time, Tencent Video, which was not even the second echelon in the field of long video, has successfully entered the ranks of the first echelon after years of accumulated strength, and the momentum of development is rapid. No less than iqiyi and Youku.

More importantly, yoo has been closely related to Tencent video since its inception, and its content tonality is also in line with it. Tencent's self-produced variety, such as "Instant Audio", and Tencent video exclusive series such as "The Night" have all cooperated with yoo video. The yoo video has also been online with many homemade programs, including micro-variety and mini-drama. For example, the emotional micro-variety "slow voice", the network micro-play "sorry for colleagues."

The yoo video that incorporates Tencent video, whether it is possible to complete the mission of cornering overtaking with the traffic and resources of Tencent video, is still unknown, but the strategic position of Microvision seems to be once again improved.

Can you help up with the microvision that has been abandoned many times?

"at the moment, management has stopped talking too much about yoo video and is ready to focus on microvision." Tencent employee, who is close to the microvision team, said.

Why is a product that is given up internally, again and again, get Tencent's full support again and again? Why did Tencent choose microvision?

"This is Tencent's internal strategic considerations." Lin Songtao said in an interview. In addition, Tencent has not responded too much.

Micro-vision is probably the legendary "son of Heaven". There are many products that have been abandoned by Tencent internal, but have been raised to strategic level status and key layout, such as micro-vision, in Tencent interior can be said to be unique.

Earlier, Lin Songtao had said that in the future, including micro-vision, short video products, hope to more in the direction of social exploration, and social platform for further integration.

On September 14, 2018, WeChat moments quietly launched the function of "shooting (promoting) with WeChat". Clicking on this function can jump directly to the app mall for download or post the video filmed by WeChat directly to WeChat's WeChat moments.

This is probably the exploration of the social direction that Lin Songtao said. However, with the new version of WeChat 7.0, WeChat has its own short video form “immediate video”, and the promotion portal of microvision disappears.

The first social exploration of micro-vision is no longer the case. In the yoo video's separate channel before the Tencent video was launched, the micro-vision has its own independent channel early, and in the hotspots below the Tencent video, there is also the micro-vision short video drainage, but still not how big it is. Water splash.

one five five four seven six six six six four nine five two two two eight

At that time, when yoo video was on the track, Lin Songtao once said that at the beginning of the track stage, there must be some stronger export methods to attract people. For example, Miss 101 sisters and the younger brothers in the selection of the track, there must be strong exports.

At that time, the outside world speculated that the strong exit of the track would be yoo video. But now it seems that this strong export belongs to microvision.


The new round of track exploration of the micro-vision talent show "Creation Camp" began. Can you use the traffic of the popular little brother to achieve the purpose of promotion, and can only give time to test. Whether the promotion brought by traffic can continue and eventually transform into its own traffic is the biggest problem facing microvision.

Tencent short video layout Shuihua too small frequency change

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