New WeChat online features can be added directly to WeChat to apply for friends

NetEase Technology News March 13 news, today's enterprise WeChat launched a new version of 2.7.5. After this update, the company WeChat support members choose to "go to the company WeChat to add each other" when WeChat handles the friend application.

New WeChat online features can be added directly to WeChat to apply for friends

Prior to this, if you want to lead customers to Enterprise WeChat for unified communication and management, you need to add the customer as a WeChat contact separately after adding WeChat, which requires multiple operations. At the same time, WeChat and Enterprise WeChat accounts will exist in the customer's address book at the same time, resulting in confusion in the communication platform and incomplete and inconsistent chat records.

The new function allows customers to send applications like WeChat friends, so that they can get enterprise-class services provided by enterprise real-name certified employees. From the perspective of employees, employees can easily and quickly transfer customers to enterprise WeChat to facilitate management and protect personal privacy.

At the same time, the company's WeChat update also launched another new feature "set management rules." Tencent's explanation can be understood as a breakdown and decentralization of business management authority.

Enterprise administrators can "set management rules" function to subdivide and delegate administrative authority to store managers, regional directors, and other specific business leaders, so that they can view and manage the customer situation. Assign customers to other employees to follow up in a timely manner. After being set up as a business contact, these managers can use specific management rights such as "sharing customer to other members", "sending messages to the enterprise" and so on.

In addition, the company's WeChat 2.7.5 version update, also added the "enterprise customer label" and "scanning paper business card to add WeChat friends" and other functions. (one orange)

WeChat online new features can be directly add WeChat apply friends

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